June 2019


The long-awaited summer season is upon us. It’s time to prepare for the hot weather which is ahead. Make sure your fans and air conditioners are in proper operating condition. Don’t be caught short and have the lengthy hot weather arrive and not be ready. Check that all of your windows open properly and screens are in good shape. Good ventilation is important in the warm weather.

I want to thank a few individuals for devoting their time and energy to your Center by serving on the Participants’ Council. Penny Bellino, Beverly Parsons and Laura McKinney’s three-year terms are finished and have done a tremendous service to our participants representing them on council. Laura has served on council two times and has been the Secretary for most of those six years. The Council makes recommendations on activities and helps with fundraisers. Their help is invaluable. Please thank them when you see them.

Our spring Take-Out Spaghetti Dinner is on Thursday, June 13th. Please see the article on page 12 for details. Take a night off from cooking and get a few orders!!

We have some very informative and fun late afternoon and evening programs scheduled for the next few months. See pages 8, 9, 10 and 11 for more details.

Have a safe and healthy June,

Jim McLeod
Executive Director




Want to become a Member and support your center? Visit our About Us page and download our Membership Form. application. We need to obtain all participant’s last four digits of social security number, date of birth and minimum income levels. This information drastically affects our funding availability so please, completely fill out the form.

Our Center operates on a fiscal year basis which begins July 1 and ends June 30. We encourage you to pay your membership donation in the same month each year. The date that you last paid your dues is located above your name and address on the outside cover.

Thanks for keeping your dues current. It helps us to maintain the Center’s programs and services. If You need help completing this form, please ask for assistance. We’ll be glad to help.

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